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Consulting Services

Our consulting services provide a variety of options which includes annual CI monitoring, deep dives, synthesis and various framework-based analysis which is based on strong secondary and primary intelligence skills and methodologies

Annual CI monitoring

This is our all-encompassing program that includes new alerts, earnings and investor calls, monthly and quarterly reporting. It helps our clients benchmark their strategic initiatives and be aware of the competition, changes in treatment dynamics and shifting portfolio priorities

  • News alerts provides you a quick overview of the breaking news in the industry with a short analysis
  • Earnings and investor calls are monitored, listened, transcribed and analyzed to understand what is said/unsaid
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting – includes synthesis, analysis and insights of all clinical, regulatory and commercial events of the month/quarter

Ad-hoc Reports

Other bespoke analysis and reporting combines data from multiple sources to synthesize and derive insights to draw or validate hypotheses and help in strategic decision making. These include:

  • Disease area or devices landscapes
  • Deep dives into MOAs or asset classes or device classes
  • Market sizing

Congress intelligence

It is all about understanding the dynamics of data releases at the medical congresses and drawing meaningful insights with a short term and long term perspective. Elements of our conference coverage includes: Planners to determine what is key, daily debriefs of important data releases and discussions, access to a complete repository of coverage and a detailed post conference report

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Congress Intelligence

Our coverage includes offline, onsite and hybrid models

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A web based / excel modeled, 3-dimensional tool that provides inputs to your strategic planning by providing a bird’s eye view of the clinical strength of y ur portfolio in light of your competition in a structured manner

A cloud-based dynamic knowledge management platform customized for our clients to be a ready reckoner of all our CI reporting

A tracker of clinical trial updates and events with a dashboard view for easy navigation and filtration of relevant data

A newsletter service that captures key events on a weekly basis. This is a prototype of our customized newsletters

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